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All About Our

Eggs + Chickens

Chickens are amazing animals even beyond their meat and egg laying abilities. We love our girls and strive to give them the best life possible.


Our Flock Husbandry

Our chickens are seasonally pasture raised for their health, happiness, safety, (and egg quality!). During the warmer months, they get to explore and scratch around the yard eating grass, weeds, and bugs to their hearts' content. In the winter, they spend their days in a large covered run to keep them warm and dry and protects them from hawks which become a major threat as their other food sources are scarce. They are fed supplemental organic feed as well as plenty of treats like black soldier fly larvae, greens, pumpkins, and other kitchen scraps. They are also fed back their eggshells to provide the extra calcium they need to keep laying eggs.

Role on the Farm

Chickens play a vital role on a regenerative farm. We think of them as our "maintenance crew!" As they go about their day grazing, they weed-whack the fence line, keep the grass mowed (with the help of Mama, our goose), scavenge for bugs that would potentially become pests in the garden, and spread manure which is an incredible fertilizer. When putting a garden bed to rest for the season or when starting a new bed, we will have the chickens scratch around in that area, turning up the soil, eating weed seeds and any overwintering bugs. These girls always win employee of the month!

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